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Texas lending offers from direct and peer to peer lenders

Looking for a personal loan in Texas, but finding your local lending options to be rather limited? Vermont being a small state does not have the sheer amount of lending institutions that larger states tend to have. Sure you can find a personal loan in Texas, but does that mean you will be getting the best possible rate? Does it mean the terms will suit your financial needs and lifestyle? Chances are there might be a better deal for you elsewhere, but where can you go if not your local bank, lender or credit union? The simple answer is checking out some of the multitude of online lenders available today. You might have even tried searching in Google or Bing, but were swamped with tons of fishy, scam looking results. If you want to find a reputable online lender, you need something better than random results from search engines, which is why we compiled a list of online lenders that provide personal loans to residents of Texas.

There are several advantages to using online lenders. For one, its competitive, so often times you can simply rate shop and receive several offers, choosing the one that best suits your needs. Secondly you can minimize the impact to your credit score by checking for your rates all within the same day or over a very short period of time, say 2 or 3 days. Credit scoring models realize when they see several hard inquiries that the consumer is rate shopping, so those multiple hard inquiries carry less weight than they would if they were spread out over time. You also can apply in the comfort of your own home. All you need to apply is some basic information such as your start date of employment, your weekly, monthly and yearly income, and your social security number. Applying for these loans is a rather easy process, usually it only takes a few minutes to apply. In most cases a decision on your loan will be made rather quickly, often times in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Here is our list of the top lenders offering loans in Texas.

If you want a loan and have less than perfect credit, vouch might be just the option for you. This lender is rather unique in how they make loans. They require you to obtain vouches from friends or family. These vouches are sponsors for your loan. You only need one sponsor to obtain a loan through Vouch. You only need a credit score of 600 to obtain a loan through Vouch, with one catch, you cannot be behind on any of your existing accounts, nor can you be in the middle of a bankruptcy or foreclosure proceeding. You must also have a verifiable bank account. The good news is that with enough Vouches on your behalf, your APR can be as low as 7.35% or as high as 29.99% APR if you have poor credit and not many Vouches. Basically the bigger the vouch network you build, the better your rate will be.

This online lender will allow you to check your rate without effecting your credit score. The loans made through Prosper are funded by WebBank, which is a bank out of Utah. This lender also offers rate discounts to those who borrow from them more than once. Available rates range from 5.99% (AA) to 36.00% (HR), depending on your credit worthiness. They never use teaser rates, or surprise you with hidden fees, and rates are always fixed, never variable rate.

First Star Lending Services
This lender also lets you check your rate without effecting your credit score in the least, so it never hurts to take a peak at what this lender might offer you. To view your rates, you’ll only need to provide your full name, address, income information and your social security number. This lender has several perks, including no origination fees, no prepayment fees or penalties, and fast approval time for loan decisions. You can borrow as little as $1000 or as much as $35,000. They offer a wide range of terms, so you likely can find loan terms that meet your needs with this lender. If your loan is approved, you can sign your loan contract online and receive your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Signature Personal Loan